JCMNS volume 33 is published

Posted by on September 4, 2020

Volume 33 of the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (JCMNS) has been published. It can be accessed via jcmns.org.

This volume contains the proceedings of the ICCF-22 conference, which was held last year. Its 339 pages are testament to the very active work in this community, aimed at progressing nuclear science and at the realization of inherently safe and abundant nuclear energy production.

The volume contains three types of articles:

  • Experimental reports and experimental methods: benefiting from 30 years of experience, nearly all the published experiments and are meticulously performed and well-documented. In CleanHME, we will select the most relevant experiments and methods for guiding our laboratory work.
  • Theory proposals: a large number of theories have been published over the past 30 years for explaining low-energy nuclear reactions, and new theories continue to be proposed. Most of these theories contradict each other, i.e. cannot be simultaneously correct, and many lack means of validation. In CleanHME, we aim to consider all theories that have some means of validation and provide useful predictions. Our theory validation work will match predictions of various theories against experimental signatures, and we will retain those which are possibly correct.
  • Data analyses: some articles re-analyze already known measurements and data sets in order to identify relevant patterns, data correlations, and new insights. For example, one may find a nuclear data analysis in this volume, which reveals that the theory of “nuclear shells” in fact lacks any statistically significant experimental support. Shedding established but mistaken theories is just as important task today as it was 100 years ago.

Each JCMNS article is peer-reviewed.

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