A new book addresses foundational questions

Posted by on August 2, 2022

Several CleanHME contributors co-authored a recently published book, titled “Unified Field Theory and Occam’s Razor” (World Scientific).

Unified Field Theory was an expression first used by Einstein in his attempt to unify general relativity with electromagnetism. Unified Field Theory and Occam’s Razor attempts to provide real answers to foundational questions related to this unification and should be of high interest to innovative scientists. A diverse group of contributing authors approach an old problem with an open-mindedness that presents a new and fresh perspective. The following topics are discussed in detail in the hope of a fruitful dialogue with all who are interested in this subject:

  • What are electrons, photons, and neutrinos made of?
  • The relationship of quantum mechanics to general relativity.
  • A tangible interpretation of the Dirac spinor field.
  • The Dirac equation as a proper field equation.
  • The Pauli exclusion principle and quantum entanglement.
  • High-temperature superconductivity.
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