Main project objectives:

  • First objective: It is one of the objectives of the CleanHME Project to enhance the production of heat, to develop better Active Materials (AM) and to acquire the knowledge of the important parameters for their utilization, in particular their maximum lifetime, operation temperature and gas pressure. The target is to develop reliable AMs able to deliver a specific power of not less than 1W/cm3.
  • Second objective: Based on previous experiments, it is assumed that energy production results from radiation free-nuclear reactions, strongly enhanced in metallic environments. Several candidate theories are considered, specifically those ones which are suitable for achieving quantitative reactor engineering know-how. Therefore, specific laboratory experiments to test the theories and check their predictions are scheduled. This will be made by combination of accelerator experiments and gas loading experiments carried out in special reactors at room temperature and elevated temperatures.
  • Third objectiveStudies of potential applications. Heat produced at a sufficiently high temperature can be used directly for various heating uses. It can be converted into mechanical power and electricity for mobile and stationary applications. If it is confirmed that this new form of energy works as expected, it has the potentiality to revolutionize the world energy balance with incommensurable benefits for the society or industrial competitiveness.

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