CleanHME Kick-off Meeting presentations

Oct/25 By

CleanHME presentation at the LENR&EARTH workshop in Assisi

Sep/20 By

Dr Francesco Celani made a presentation at the ANV4 workshop on LENR & Earth, which was held in Assisi during September 10-12. His presentation focused on comparing the effect of

A new study proves the role of H+ or D+ flux for LENR

Aug/7 By

The first CleanHME publication is a deep analysis of the over 80 experiments/tests performed at Frascati National Laboratory in Italy (June-September 2019). Lead author Francesco Celani said: “Our analysis, based

Scientific papers and presentations

Jan/9 By

CleanHME kick-off meeting presentations – University of Szczecin, September 23-25, 2020 The role of forced, active gas, flux for the generation of AHE in LENR experiments – Presentation at the

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