A new study proves the role of H+ or D+ flux for LENR

Posted by on August 7, 2020

The first CleanHME publication is a deep analysis of the over 80 experiments/tests performed at Frascati National Laboratory in Italy (June-September 2019).

Lead author Francesco Celani said: “Our analysis, based on double-blind approach, determined that the main parameter for LENR heat generation seems to be the FLUX of Deuterium (in the atomic or even ionised state) mainly at the surface of Deuterium loaded reactor materials (in our case Constantan alloy). I.e., LENR is induced in non-equilibrium situations.

Although the flux hypothesis was among the first ones made since beginning of Cold Fusion studies (e.g. Gustav C. Fralick / NASA, December 1989), up to now the proofs where of weak intensity or possibly mixed with other co-factors.”

Dr Celani will also present this study at the LENR&EARTH workshop in Assisi on September 10-11. These results corroborate the ICCF-22 conference presentation of Dr Iwamura from Tohoku university.

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